Cosmo has over 35 years-experience in manufacturing doors, hatches and special design stainless steel yacht equipment for the marine sector and especially for private mega yachts.


Originally starting with custom stainless-steel hardware and deck equipment, Cosmo rapidly expanded into the fabrication of aluminium & stainless-steel doors and hatches according to classification society regulations and approval.


Our company, which wants to reflect the developing technology to its products, has produced smart pantograph door by investing in R&D studies for the last two years. To reach our aim, we are working with 38 workers and 8 administrative staff.

Design & Manufacturing

Designed by a strong team with an innovative perspective, our

products are produced using high quality materials, technology, and

the optimum level of manual labor. Every product passes strictly a

quality control procedure, and then it is delivered and installed based

on the customer’s request.

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Telephone: +90 216 266 7115              E-mail: info@cosmoyacht.com           Address: Evliya Celebi Mh. Mavi Sk. No:14/A  Tuzla/Istanbul-TURKEY