Cosmo Yacht; has carried out its business in the fields of Yacht / Ship Doors and Windows, Fire Doors and hatches, Yacht / Ship Accessories and Spare Parts Production, Installation, Sales and After Sales Services based on many years of experience by catching the latest technology.

COSMO YACHT offers creative solutions by following national and international trends in all stages from design and project to production and assembly.

With this purpose;
-To fulfill customer needs and expectations in time and as desired,
-In order to provide durability and waterproofing besides that bringing aesthetic appearance and ease of use to the forefront by using optimum source to achieve the perfection in all special designs,
-To save time for shipyards and yacht owners by keeping the procurement process of innovation products in minimum time, and completing the assembly stage without the need for additional resources and costs
-To produce according to our aim, context, and strategic direction in accordance with national and international standards, legal and other conditions,
-To comply with the given deadlines on each stage of production, to provide special products of the desired quality and specifications, to keep continuity of satisfaction after sales  with warranty periods and spare parts supply,
-to provide satisfaction by developing good and steady dialogues with concerned parties, and exhibiting quality products in accordance with standards,
-to internalize that, by not consenting with our current standards, continuous improvement at every point of our producing, staff, and entire organization as our main philosophy, adopted as our quality policy and form a frame for our brand perception.



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Telephone: +90 216 266 7115              E-mail: info@cosmoyacht.com           Address: Evliya Celebi Mh. Mavi Sk. No:14/A  Tuzla/Istanbul-TURKEY